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My name is David Lacroix. I am a graphic designer based in California. My passion for art started at a young age, I found myself making things quite often and being curious about why objects around me looked they way they did. My designs are full of character, color, and can be playful, but at the same time they are clear and direct.

I am creative, professional, responsible, organized, punctual, reliable, flexible, energetic, and can lead or follow according to the situation. I work well under pressure and make sure deadlines are being met. Being a team player helps creativity thrive; I value the feedback from my team mates and take into consideration their ideas. Understanding what the client wants to communicate is key for creating effective designs that grab the attention of the target audience. I am eager to start working and showcase my talent and dedication. On my free time you will find me cooking, at the gym, watching movies, or bike riding. I get inspired by being outside and observing the world around me.

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